Welcome to Remmsi

Delivering Emails to Inbox

Welcome to Remmsi

Delivering Emails to Inbox

Enhance Your Email Deliverability with Free Consultancy Services

We are dedicated Email Marketing solution provider that assists companies and individuals with their Email Marketing requirements. Services mainly include Dedicated Email server, Deliverability consultancy, Email campaign management, lead generation, Email consulting, trainings & workshops. Email Marketing empowers you to connect with direct customers marketing and achieve true ROI, with the good statics report. Email Marketing Solutions and supported by experts having a global exposure into Email Marketing.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that help you grow your business by providing services such as email marketing campaigns to deliverability consultancy and dedicated email servers.
At your disposal you will have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about email marketing and everything around it. Our mission is to help you send better emails, so that you can grow your business!


We are a Team of Deliverability experts, we helped multiple well known ESPs as well. We helps to deliver millions of emails on single day with high Inbox ratio.

Email Engine

Our design created an highly effective email engine that allows to automatize email campaigns, for both beginners and masters. Send everything with just a click and go!

Campaign Management

We knows how, when, and whom to send emails. At your disposal we have a team of Campaign Management Experts that can easily segment database, recent engagements and opt-out non interested recipients

Dedicated SMTP

Get our Dedicated server and IP with Dedicated support. Integrate with any Email Application and click send. After that we will manage Delivery, bounces, email queue, and complaints.

IP warmup

If you are sending big volume then you know very well how hard to build IP reputation. But now no need to worry, we will warm your IPs on your behalf. We will do warmup and you just need to focus on regular sends

Email Audit

We will audit your complete email flow, that includes, content, Database, Opt-in opt-out process, Bounce process, Complaint proces and audience activities


With our out-standing Team of Deliverability Experts, we deliver millions of emails fast with high rate of inbox ratio. We will make sure your marketing e-mails will be seen and read by potential clients, for sure.

  • We analyse complete Infrastructure
  • DNS configuration and authentication
  • Global Best practices of Deliverability

We explore all the reasons that are bringing deliverability rates down, without fail. Everyday.

Email Engine

Remmsi Email Panel is the only email marketing automation platform that gives you full control over your data for a fraction of the cost of other platforms. Remmsi Email Panel is designed to streamline your email marketing campaigns so you can turn subscriber data into revenue today.

  • Easy to grow your lists and Increase conversions
  • Auto Process, Bounced, unsubscribe and complaint reports
  • optimize your audience engagement with well-made emails templates and autoresponders
  • Geographical open/clicks; including country, city. you can Suppress subscribers based on country or states

Campaign Management

Create passwords that grant access to specific aspects of your account and Sub accounts. Issue one for ownership information, one for administration, and/or multiple for campaign manager and Developer. Assign permission for

  • Campaign Creation and Development
  • Subsriber Management, Allow/Deny Import and Export
  • Manage reports, analyse reports and share report with OTP

Create and Design Subscriber form and allocate anywhere, including your website or as subscriber form

Dedicated SMTP

A dedicated SMTP server is a server that has been set up specifically to send emails, usually companies with heavy email traffic. With Remmsi you will have your own dedicated SMTP server, so will be able to send your emails without affecting the performance of the rest of your website or being blacklisted. We take care of everything for you!

Get your own dedicated server without interference of big third parties! With dedicated support team, we can easily integrate in any email application. After click and send, we will manage delivery, bounces, queues and complains about you.

  • No Per Email cost, No daily limits
  • Warmup required and you can increase volume gradually
  • Just provide Domain Names, we will manage everything after that. So that you can you and your team can focus on revenue

IP Warmup

We will warm up your IP while you focus on better things. We have realized soon that construction a good IP reputation for our client was a certainty for a job well done! Just focus on regular sends, we take care of the rest.

Save your time on warmup process with automated warmup process with Remmsi

  • Warmup Dedicated IPs from any ESP or hosting provider
  • Activities: Not Spam, open, clicks, Mark Safe and replies
  • Deliverability Experts will keep eyes on IP reputation and guide best practices

Email Audit

Deliverability is a measure of how likely a recipient’s email address is to receive your message. Email deliverability is affected by many factors, including your subscribers’ engagement with your email campaigns, the content of your emails, and the delivery infrastructure used to send them. Our Deliverability Audits are designed to help you improve your email performance by identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for improvement.

  • Analyze the volume and frequency of your sends
  • Check the authentication of your email by pulling the message headers
  • Look through your form signups for signs of list bombing

Ravi Modi

Leadurf Digital, Hyderabad

Working with Remmsi for the past 7 years and it has been an absolute game-changer for our email marketing campaigns. Their platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for us to create and send engaging emails to our subscribers. Not only that, but their customer support team is top-notch. They're always there to assist us with any questions or issues we encounter, ensuring that our email marketing efforts run smoothly. Thanks to Remmsi and team, we've seen a significant improvement in our email deliverability and engagement rates. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their email marketing strategy.

Yenny Ang

Clariden Global, Singapore

Remmsi and team has proven to be a dependable and reliable resource for technical support, especially when dealing with email marketing platforms. They responds quickly to our inquiries and works diligently to resolve any issues in a timely manner. His practical knowledge in this area has been beneficial to our operations. I highly recommend their services to others who may need assistance in this domain.



I can't say enough good things about Remmsi and their email services. From the moment we signed up, we've been impressed with the level of customization and control their platform offers. Whether it's segmenting our email lists, A/B testing different campaign elements, or tracking our email performance metrics, Remmsi.com provides us with all the tools we need to succeed. If you're serious about email marketing success, look no further than Remmsi.com.

Rahul Thakur

Revnew, Inc, Philadelphia (U.S.)

Remmsi has been an incredible partner for our email marketing needs. Their platform is robust, reliable, and easy to use. With Remmsi, we've been able to reach our audience effectively and efficiently. The support team is also top-notch, always ready to assist whenever needed. Highly recommend Remmsi for anyone looking for a reliable email service provider.

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